Body Sculpting

Reduce fat and build muscle with our non-invasive body sculpting treatments. They are customized to your needs and goals and treatments take only 15 to 45 minutes.

truSculpt uses innovative Monopolar RF technology that is clinically proven to permanently eliminate fat cells in stubborn areas around your abdomen and flanks. With truSculpt, you can get the body definition you want, even in areas that have been resistant to diet and exercise.

truFlex is a personalized muscle sculpting treatment that adjusts to your fitness level, shape, and goals to strengthen, firm, and tone your muscles. truFlex’s comfortable, safe, and effective technology is clinically proven to increase an average of 30% muscle mass when tailored to your individual needs.

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TruSculpt is the latest nonsurgical, no downtime, body contouring procedure that’s clinically proven to target problem areas on the body.




TruFlex targets specific muscle groups with quick, 15-minute treatments to strengthen, tone and firm your abdomen, obliques, glutes and thighs.



After one truSculpt treatment and four truFlex treatments