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Rhinoplasty is performed to shape the nose to an appearance that is more appealing to the patient. Dr. Hiranaka performs this treatment for his patients in Kona who may be less than satisfied with the size and shape of their nose. This procedures corrects any deformities of the nose by reshaping, rearranging, and reconstructing the cartilage or bone. It is very frequently performed and was one of the earliest cosmetic procedures ever developed.

Why Have Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is often performed for different reasons including to remove bumps in the nose, change the overall shape of the nose, and improve the angle of the nose. Whether from natural causes or outside trauma, an irregularly shaped nose is often a source of discomfort for many people and can even affect their ability to breathe well. Rhinoplasty can be performed for all ages including the elderly and teenagers.

Prior to Surgery

An extensive medical history in conjunction with an in depth examination is conducted in order to assess the general health of the patient. We will talk with you in detail about your options and the way your nose will appear in alignment with your other facial features. We use photographs and digital imaging which allows Dr. Hiranaka to evaluate the procedure in order to have the desired outcome. It may be necessary to avoid certain medicine consumption such as Aspirin in order to avoid the chance of excessive bleeding. The patient may also be prescribed antibiotics in order to prevent any infection.

Rhinoplasty Surgery

IV Sedation is used for less pain, more comfort, and to reduce bruising and swelling. In the majority of cases, the skin on the nose is separated from the cartilage and bone below. After reshaping, the skin is then placed over the treated area. Recovery takes between one and two weeks and most people are back to their normal activities in that time period.