Fat Transfer / Facial Volume Augmentation

For large volume replacement of soft-tissues in the hollow face, fat transfer (also known as Facial Volume Augmentation) is a great solution. The procedure takes liposuctioned fat from the abdomen, thighs or other areas and transfers it to the face. A small cannula is used to inject the fat in the areas needing the volume. The whole face including the cheeks, temples, eyebrows, below the lower eyelid, around the mouth and chin areas may be augmented.

The fat seems to last the longest in areas with less mobility such as the cheeks and infraorbital areas in contrast to the peri-oral (lips/mouth) area. There is the added benefit of stem  cells in the fat which can improve the appearance of the overlying skin where the fat is placed.

Prior To Surgery

Prior to surgery, the doctor will consult with you to discuss facts about the surgery as well as recommended preoperative and postoperative care. In addition, we will utilize photographs and digital imagery to project your post surgery appearance. This will give you an idea of what you will look like once the procedure has been completed.

The doctor will explain all of your options in detail including your options for anesthesia. We also offer instructions to ensure your surgery goes smoothly such as refraining from aspirin in order to prevent excessive bleeding. You will be provided with a prescription for antibiotics in order to reduce the potential for infection.