Patients with pronounced ears often seek a remedy through the procedure called Otoplasty (ear pin back). With this procedure the ears are modified to reduce their protruding appearance. This surgery can be performed on children as young as six which is the time that the ear stops developing. Many children and adults alike with protruding ears experience a great amount of self consciousness and emotional stress. Protruding ears should be addressed at a young age to enable the patient to avoid any trauma associated with this condition. Dr. Hiranaka is a professional surgeon who has extensive experience resolving protruding ears with Otoplasty (ear pin back).

What to expect from the procedure

Otoplasty (ear pin back) will be performed while the patient is under IV sedation or anesthesia according to their preference. Dr. Hiranaka will either fold the cartilage of the ear back or remove it completely. Once this is completed, sutures will be placed and then bandages will also be placed around the ears to protect them during the healing process. The procedure takes only a few hours.

After surgery & healing

Once the surgery is completed, patients usually experience some bruising that clears up in about two to three weeks. Any associated pain is minor and can be addressed with oral medication. The bandages are used for just a few days and after that a lighter dressing can be applied. Dr. Hiranaka will revisit the area after a few weeks to ensure the healing is proceeding as normal.