Neck Lift

There are many reasons why the skin sags and wrinkles including age, genetics, sun exposure, and even a natural predisposition. When the skin around the face and neck become loose, a neck lift is a cosmetic option that can offer an ideal solution.

A neck lift is performed by a skilled and experienced physician such as Dr. Hiranaka. He offers this cosmetic treatment for patients in Kona who desire tighter skin around the neck and jawline. During the neck lift, sagging skin is tightened resulting in a smoother, firmer, and younger appearance.

Prior to Neck Lift Surgery

When you are preparing for surgery, we will meet with you beforehand to discuss any issues or concerns. It will also be necessary to evaluate your medical history in order to take an in depth look at your overall health and condition. Dr. Hiranaka will discuss what results you can expect from the surgery and we will use digital imaging to determine what the results are likely to be.

Before surgery, you will be given preoperative directives which necessitate that you refrain from the use of particular drugs such as Aspirin to minimize the potential for excessive bleeding. We may also prescribe antibiotics in order to safeguard against any potential infections.


During surgery, the patient is put under IV sedation or they may opt for general anesthesia. The procedure is performed at our location in our state-of-the-art surgical center. All options will be discussed in detail with you and medication will be given to help you relax. During the procedure, the doctor will make small incisions to separate the underlying tissue from the loose skin. Once the connective tissues and muscles are tightened, the excess skin around the neck is removed. The end result is tighter and firmer skin around the neck and jaw.