Endoscopic Forehead Lift

Many of the patients that come to Dr. Hiranaka are seeking a more youthful appearance. Endoscopic forehead surgery is one of the most effective ways to take years off of the face. With a forehead or brow lift, furrows and ridges in the face are removed leaving the patient with younger and smoother looking skin. This procedure can be combined with others to create the ideal look the patient is seeking.

What to expect during surgery

During surgery, there is an incision made across the head spanning from ear to ear. Subsequently the brow and forehead is raised and the loose, excess skin is taken away. Once this has occurred, the flap of skin is sutured closed. With new advancement in forehead surgery, we can perform lifts with minor incisions that are placed in the scalp with the use of special instruments and an endoscope. This results in a much less invasive procedure which means a faster and smoother healing process.

What to expect after surgery

After surgery, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics that need to be taken once the surgery is completed. Within one week the sutures are usually removed and the patient may experience some bruising and swelling which will go down after a few weeks. Women can put on makeup especially around the eyes about two weeks post operation. Normal daily tasks can be resumed in about one to two weeks. Within a few months time, Dr. Hiranaka may provide a final evaluation.


Your surgery may be fully or partially covered by the insurance carrier in the event that the surgery is needed because of a visual impairment. Every carrier has different requirements so you will need to check with your insurance provider to see what their level of coverage will be.